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The Trip [Blu-ray]

The Trip [Blu-ray]

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Paul (Peter Fonda, Easy Rider) is a TV commercial director whose wife, Sally (Susan Strasberg, Psych-Out), has left him. Plunged into a personality crisis, he asks his friend John (Bruce Dern, Silent Running), a self-styled guru and advocate of LSD, to guide him on his first trip. They go to a party at their friend Max's (Dennis Hopper, Easy Rider), score some acid and return to John's to let the drug take its course. There, Paul is plunged into a mind-altering realm of extreme beauty and sheer terror, the like of which he has never known before.

Written by acclaimed actor Jack Nicholson (The Shining) and directed by legendary producer Roger Corman (Masque of the Red Death), this seminal slice of cinematic psychedelia was banned for an astonishing 36 years, but is now available on Blu-ray for the very first time.

Special Features:

  • High Definition transfer
  • Audio commentary with director Roger Corman
  • Original prologue (with optional director commentary)
  • Alternative ending (with optional director commentary)
  • Tune In, Trip Out (2003): documentary featuring interview with the cast and crew of The Trip
  • Allen Daviau, ASC on Psychedelic Film Effects (2003): interview with the celebrated cinematographer
  • Psychedelic Light Box (Film effects montage)
  • Poster and stills gallery
  • Original theatrical trailer
  • 1967, 79 minutes, 1.85:1, colour, 1080p, 24fps, English HoH subtitle

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