Privacy Policy

This policy sets out where and how Signal One Entertainment collects your personal information and how it will be used, as well as your rights over any personal information we hold about you.

Our promise to you

  • Signal One Entertainment respects, and is committed to protecting, your privacy and will only process your personal information in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998, the Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations 2003 (as amended) and any other UK privacy legislation in force from time to time
  • Signal One Entertainment does not sell, rent, or loan any information that identifies you to any third party without your consent. Signal One Entertainment may use reputable partners, suppliers, or agencies to process your personal information on our behalf: but we will only do so where Signal One Entertainment strict instructions on the processing of data and security are met.
  • The personal information you give to us may be shared within Signal One Entertainment of companies and with our agents and other third parties who need your information to enable your order to be delivered.
  • To prevent fraud and ensure that your credit, debit, or charge card is not being used without your consent, we will validate name, address and other personal information supplied by you during the order process against appropriate third-party databases. In performing these checks personal information provided by you may be disclosed to a registered Credit Reference Agency which may keep a record of that information. This is done only to confirm your identity; a credit check is not performed. If false or inaccurate information is provided and fraud is suspected details will be retained by the Credit Reference Agency and may be passed to fraud preventing agencies.
  • Signal One Entertainment would like to share your information with any new businesses that it may develop in the future, either on its own or with others. This website will be updated should we develop joint ventures or companies going forward.
  • Any information you give to Signal One Entertainment is held with the utmost care and security.

What information we collect

  • When you visit our Website we collect one type of information: Personal information such as your name, address, telephone number and email address as provided by you when you place an order with us and enter your payment card details.

How we will use the information

  • The information Signal One Entertainment collects will be used to process your orders, and to help us ensure that all customers are genuine.
  • We will only send you marketing information by email or post or use information about you when you have given us your permission.
  • Signal One Entertainment will, of course, continue to let you have information on the operation of your account including confirmation and delivery details and information about important changes to our services.

Keeping you informed about Signal One Entertainment products and services

  • We will only send you marketing information by email, post, or fax when you have given us your permission.
  • Signal One Entertainment will, of course, continue to let you have information on the operation of your account including confirmation and delivery details and information about important changes to our services.
  • Signal One Entertainment will always keep your data in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998 and will only use your mobile phone number to contact you about your order.

Payment details

You can register as many sets of payment details with Signal One Entertainment as you like. You can register a new card or update a card that has expired by contacting by relevant Signal One Entertainment member Company. You can register a new payment card at any time but cannot change the card associated with a given order once you have checked out.

Your rights

In addition to the company’s safeguards your personal data is protected in the UK by the Data Protection Act 1998. This provides amongst other things that the data we hold about you should be processed lawfully and fairly. It should be accurate, relevant, and not excessive. The information should, where necessary, be kept up to date and not retained for longer than is necessary. It should be kept securely to prevent unauthorised access by other people. You have the right to see what is held about you and correct any inaccuracies. Signal One Entertainment may hold other details about you. This information is not available online.

Online communities

We reserve the right to delete any contribution or take action against any account at any time for any reason. Links to other websites: Whilst Signal One Entertainment makes every effort to provide you with links to other high quality, reputable websites, these websites are not under Signal One Entertainment day to day control. When you click through to these websites, or any other website not wholly owned by us, you leave the area controlled by us. We cannot accept responsibility for any issues arising in connection with their use of your information, the website content or the services offered to our customers by these websites. We advise you to consult the Privacy Policy on each website to see how each supplier may process your information.

Policy changes

This Privacy Policy was most recently updated in December 2015. Any changes to this Privacy Policy will be posted on this website and will take effect immediately.


  • Signal One Entertainment treats all the information it holds with the utmost care and security. Payment details are stored on our system in an encrypted format and can only be accessed when you place an order using your username or email address and password.
  • Please be aware that Signal One Entertainment will only ever contact customers requesting confirmation of account details: if your card is declined at the point of payment (this is not the same as the automatic pre authorisation which happens when you order your products online), or in certain circumstances a refund to your card is required as our Customer Care Team colleagues do not have access to your payment card details. If we contact you we will never ask for your password.
  • We advise you never to enter your account number or password into an email or after following a link from an email.
  • In order to provide a safe, secure shopping environment for all customers and to ensure we only serve genuine customers, Signal One Entertainment reserves the right to use reputable security devices and systems as necessary


  • For information regarding your rights under the California Consumer Privacy Act, click here


Last updated 19.07.2022