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The Magus [Dual Format]

The Magus [Dual Format]

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In The Magus, an English teacher arrives on a sleepy Greek island to take up a vacant teaching post. The last man to hold the post committed suicide under mysterious circumstances. Slowly but surely, he is drawn into a bizarre game engineered by a reclusive local magician. The deeper into the game he is drawn, the more he senses danger... yet cannot seem to untangle himself from the fascinating and compelling influence that the game is having on his mind.

Special Features:

  • High Definition Transfer
  • Featurette: John Fowles: The Literary Magus
  • Enchanted Island: Michael Green On The Filming Of "The Magus"
  • A Life In Film: Guy Green Remembers
  • Billy Williams talks about The Magus
  • Tim Hutchinson talks about The Magus
  • Stephanie Kaye talks about The Magus
  • Original Theatrical Trailer
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