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Erik the Viking - Special Limited Edition [Blu-ray]

Erik the Viking - Special Limited Edition [Blu-ray]

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Signal One Entertainment presents Erik the Viking. Monty Python alumnus Terry Jones' fast-paced, visually lavish comic fantasy starring Tim Robbins (The Shawshank Redemption) as the reluctant marauder. Presented in a deluxe special edition, featuring a wealth of extras, and two unique cuts of the film.

A Viking with a conscience, Erik tires of pillaging and decides to set out on a quest. When the wise Freya informs Erik that a great mythic wolf has eaten the sun, the warrior resolves to venture to Asgard, home of the Norse gods, to set things right. Before Erik can reach Asgard, he and his allies must first find a magical horn that resides in the land of King Arnulf, who, luckily for the hero, has a lovely daughter, Princess Aud.

Monty Python’s Terry Jones wrote and directed this madcap fantasy (inspired by his own children’s book), and the eclectic cast reunites him with fellow Python John Cleese, as well as legends Mickey Rooney and Eartha Kitt. Just as much of the humor of Erik stems from the anachronisms of old Norse mythological figures reacting to adventures with a modern wit, the film of Erik also seems wonderfully out of time -- an anarchic, surreal, wild, 1970s-styled comic adventure arriving at the tail end of the 1980s. Jones continued to experiment with the film after its release, so we are presenting the original international theatrical cut here, along with the new version created by Jones and his son. 

Brand New Extras:

  • Original Theatrical Release Cut in HD (103 minutes/99 minutes in PAL)
  • "The Director's Son's Cut" in SD (79 minutes)
  • NEW Commentary Track on the Theatrical Release Cut by Film Historian and Author ("Heavy Metal Movies") Mike McPadden and Comedy Writer/Producer Aaron Lee
  • Commentary Track on The Director's Son's Cut by Terry Jones
  • Original Theatrical Trailer
  • NEW Booklet Essay by Neil Mitchell


  • Original Behind the Scenes
  • The Evolution of a Director
  • Casting
  • Creating the Look
  • Special Effects
  • Making Movie Magic in Malta
  • Jones and Cleese - A Grand Reunion
  • Raw Interview Footage

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